Clinton County is a rich and varied agricultural area with about 90 percent of the farmland in the county classified as prime growing soil. The growing of spearmint and peppermint is unique to this arpumpkin_jpg.jpg (10977 bytes)ea, using the rich black soil that prevails. Mint farming began with a two-acre crop of peppermint in 1913. The county ranks first in the production of mint in Michigan, with approximately 5,000 acres of mint farmed. Each year the mint farming heritage is celebrated at the "St. Johns Mint Festival". Clinton County is also known for its production of milk, soybeans, corn and cattle raising.


The county offers many recreational opportunities, providing residents and guests a variety of indoor and outdoor fun. Annual events include art shows, pumpkin weigh offs, county fairs and festivals. There are also many school sporting and entertainment events, unique shopping opportunities, entertainers in the park, and plenty of safe and secure areas for that evening stroll.

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The area's schools are focused on providing a top-notch, safe learning environment. The quality health care facilities offer peace of mind for expanding families, people in need of unexpected care, and those seeking information for improving their health and well being.

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In addition to cultural, amusement, and educational opportunities, Clinton County is well balanced with a number of churches that invest in the spiritual strength of the community. Places of worship represent a variety of denominations and faiths and are easily found throughout Clinton County.

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Clinton County is a great place to raise your children. It offers a very low crime rate, and local police departments offer a wide variety of community programs including crime prevention, Safe Kids, National Night Out, Bicycle and Car Seat programs and school programs including D.A.R.E. and youth mentoring. In Clinton County you can relax as your children roller blade or ride their bikes in the neighborhood.