Neighbors and Lifestyes

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Clinton County is a great place to live, offering a diversified style of living from rural to intown condos. Housing is ample and affordable.

Clinton County offers its residents stable, established and family-oriented living with access to the cultural and business opportunities of a major metropolitan area.

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The St. Johns area is growing and prospering. The schools are among the best, featuring a newer junior high and 2 newer elementary schools, a new courthouse enhances the downtown business district along with a new library. The industrial park has attracted many new businesses and along with that, more job opportunities.

The surrounding areas have also seen growth and an increased need for housing. Clinton County's diversified housing and rental properties offer a vast array of choices for the consumer.

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Renters can choose from 1-2-3 bedroom apartments. They enjoy spacious apartments some with walk-in closets, cathedral ceilings and options such as lighted carports, brand named appliances and central air. There is also a high demand for single family homes to rent.

The residential housing market continues to thrive. Recent years have seen an increase of new subdivisions in the area offering affordable single family homes. Prospective homeowners have the choice of buying in the newer home market or opting for the charm and character of the beautiful older homes we have to offer. Builders are also meeting the demands for the care free condo lifestyle with several new condos under construction.

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Nowadays, retirement means having more time to live your life to the fullest, and more housing choices. Independent apartment communities offer a lifestyle of freedom, choice and fun, while at the same time have available on-site services such as health care, nutrition programs, social activities and more.

Clinton County has managed continuing growth without losing its rural, country appeal and down-home goodness.

What a great place to live!