Places of Worship

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Someone once reported on a study that was conducted which revealed that the average person who attended church on a regular basis actually lived 6.7 years longer than those who do not. The churches of the St. Johns area do not guarantee the conclusion of that study, however, it can be said with certainty that worship is an important element contributing to the high quality of living in the St. Johns area. Through the area's churches, individuals and families can grow in their knowledge of God's Word and experience God's love. Local congregations meet regularly for worship and to minister in service to the community.

There are very fine churches in the St. Johns area. Finding one that meets you right where you are in life sometimes takes time and effort, but the blessings can be "out of this world." Finding a church home that meets the spiritual needs of you and your family will change your life. You will find relevance, an accepting climate, rich friendships, inspiration, fresh perspective on God's Word, and positive influence. By joining with one of the local churches you will be with people whose lives are changing for the good and you will be with people who are able to help you with needs in your life.

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Community collaboration by many of the St. Johns area Christian churches happens through the St. Johns Ministerial Association, represented by the ministers, pastors, and priests who meet together monthly to plan community-wide ministry services. Past community-wide collaborations include: "See You At the Pole," Community Thanksgiving Worship Celebration, Community Good Friday Worship Service, St. Johns CROP Walk, National Day of Prayer, Sunday worship services at Hazel Findlay Manor, and assistance to individuals of the community during times of special need.

Currently, the St. Johns area is represented by all major denominations including Assembly of God, Roman Catholic, Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, Church of God, Congregational, Episcopal, Lutheran, Nazarene, Free Methodist, United Methodist, Seventh-Day Adventist, Baptist, United Brethren, and independent Evangelical congregations. By working together and by working on congregationally-specific ministry projects, the St. Johns area churches provide meaningful supportive ministries to people in the areas of spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical needs. Discover the churches of the St. Johns area that are making a positive contribution to our community!

Assembly of GodFirst Assembly of God
602 E. Baldwin St.
St. Johns    224-4433

Mount Hope Church-DeWitt
115 N. Bridge St.
DeWitt  517-669-2194


Bath Baptist Church
13523 Webster Rd.
Bath    517-641-6695

Calvary Baptist Church
8975 E M-21
Ovid    834-2488

First Baptist Church
512 S. US 27
St. Johns    224-3110

First Baptist Church of DeWitt
11068 N. DeWitt Rd.
DeWitt   517-669-3851

First Baptist Church of Ovid
301 S. Main St.
Ovid    834-5314

First Baptist Church/Swegles Bldg.
401 S. Swegles St.
St. Johns    224-1643

Heritage Baptist Church
1380 E. Round Lk. Rd.
DeWitt    517-669-9539

Hope Bible Baptist
608 S. Maple
Maple Rapids    682-4059

Fenmore Baptist Church
7888 N. Hollister Rd.
Elsie    862-0202


South Riley Bible Church
6517 W. Chadwick Rd.
DeWitt    517-669-1502

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Holy Family Catholic Church
820 N. Mabbit Rd.
Ovid    834-2138

Most Holy Trinity Church
545 N. Maple St.
Fowler    593-2162

St. Joseph Catholic Church (Chamber Member)
109 Linden St.
St. Johns    224-8994

St. Jude Catholic Church
810 N. Bridge St.
DeWitt    517-669-5882

St. Mary Roman Catholic Church
201 N. Westphalia St.
Westphalia    587 -4201


Church of the Living Word
1100 N. Ovid Rd.
Ovid    834-5950


Lakeside Chapel of Park Lake
Park Lake Rd.
Bath  517-641-6291

Church of Christ

Church of Christ
16871 US 27
DeWitt    517-482-8336

Community Christian Church (Chamber Member)
400 E. State St.
St. Johns    224-6421

DeWitt Christian Church
2931 Herbison Rd.
DeWitt    517-669-5000

Duplain Church of Christ
5565 E. Colony Rd.
St. Johns  224-4878

Church of God

First Church of God
1063 S. DeWitt Rd.
St. Johns    224- 7190

Looking Glass River Church
of God & Daycare
11733 US Hwy. 27
DeWitt   517-669-3393

Church of Jesus Christ of  Latter Day Saints

Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints
300 E. Townsend Rd.
St. Johns    224-3600

Community of Christ

Community of Christ
310 N. Whittemore St.
St. Johns    224-3004

Congregational Christian

Congregational Christian Church
410 S. Maple
Maple Rapids    682-4165

Congregational Church (CHamber Member)
100 Maple Avenue
St Johns


St. Anne's Episcopal Church
200 W. Webb Rd.
DeWitt    517-669-9308

St. John's Episcopal Church
400 E. Walker St.
St. Johns    224-2885

EvangelicalEagle Wesley Chapel
13940 S. Grange Rd.
Eagle    517-626-6902

Foursquare Gospel

Eagle Foursquare Gospel Church
14240 Michigan
Eagle    517-627-8028

Free Methodist

Mint City Free Methodist Church
305 Church St.
St. Johns    224-3349

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses
1998 N. Lansing St.
St. Johns    224-4050


Hope Lutheran Church
1180 W. Herbison Rd.
DeWitt    517-669-3930

St. Johns Lutheran Church (Chamber Member)
511 E. Sturgis St.
St. Johns    224-6796

St. Paul Lutheran Church
329 N. Sorrell St.
Fowler    593-2066

St. Peter Lutheran Church
8990 Church Rd.
St. Johns    224-3178


Church of the Nazarene
515 N. Lansing St.
St. Johns    224-4868


Northpointe Community Church
505 E. Webb Dr.
DeWitt    517-669-5133

Grove Bible Church
6980 E. Price Rd.
St. Johns    517-651-5729

To God Be the Glory Church
14333 Turner Rd.
DeWitt    517-483-51611


Pentecostal Church of God
680 N. Lansing St.
St. Johns    224-9394

Seventh Day Adventist

Seventh Day Adventist Church
1400 S. Oakland St.
St.Johns    224-7779 330

United Brethren in Christ

DeWitt United Brethren in Christ
206 W. Washington St.
DeWitt    517-669-2711

United Church of Christ

United Church of Ovid
131 W. Front St.
Ovid    834-5958

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United Methodist

Bath United Methodist Church
13777 Main St.
Bath    517-841-6551

Eagle United Methodist Church
14258 Michigan
Eagle    517-627-6376

Elsie United Methodist Church
160 W. Main St.
Elsie    862-5239

First United Methodist Church (Chamber Member)
200 E. State St.
St. Johns 224-6859

Greenbush United Methodist Church
Marshall & Scott Rd.
St. Johns    224-8811

Gunnison United Methodist Church
2031 Clark Rd.
Bath    517-482-7987

Lowe United Methodist Church
5485 W Lowe Road
St. Johns    517-282-4446

Maple Rapids United Methodist Church
330 S. Maple
Maple Rapids    682-4548

Middlebury United
Methodist Church
8100 W. Hibbard Rd.
Ovid    834-2573

Pilgrim United Methodist Church
2965 W. Parks Rd.
St. Johns    224-6865/224-6925

Price United Methodist
3955 E. Price Rd.
St. Johns    224-4868

Salem United Methodist Church
2307 W Maple Rapids Road
St. Johns.    989-224-8811

Shepardsville United Methodist Church
6990 E. Winfield Rd.
Ovid  834-5958

United Church of Ovid
131 W. Front St.
Ovid    834-5958

Wacousta Community United Methodist Church
9180 W. Herbison Rd.
Elsie    517-626-6623